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About us

Financial impacts like the global economy as well as the financial stability of the state, county, city, as well as neighborhood in which the property is located will directly affect a property’s ability to thrive.

Researching, analyzing, acquiring, renovating, developing, selling, and managing family, multi-family and commercial properties in high growth markets throughout the country is what the Elite In-vestment Realty staff is trained to do.

Focusing on long term real estate value and risk management takes a team of people who are willing to put in the work to assess and evaluate every component of a property to ensure that taking on this collaborative project will be a win win for all parties in-volved. 


The Elite Investment Realty team understand that successful transactions largely depend upon working relationships with several different parties.

The sellers, buyers, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, contractors, stagers, title companies, lawyers, as well as all of the other countless business partners that the Elite Investment Realty team works with all have fast paced moving parts. Our team works hard to ensure that we are all aligned and are communicating effectively so that business can get done on time and within budget. 

Structured timelines and deadlines are routine in our industry. It is necessary to adhere to those timelines and meet those deadlines so that business can get done. The expectation is that if everyone meets their own individual deadlines then we all collectively meet our group deadlines. The Elite Investment Realty team adheres to all timelines and goals that are placed in front of us.

It is a collaborative process that will only work if every party in-volved meets their individual deadlines. We work hard to align our-selves with people and groups who understand that and adhere to the same standards and guidelines in their business practice.