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Areas of Specialty

Real Estate

Identifying properties which can be sold for under market value after making agreements with the sellers of those properties and then assigning the purchase of those properties once sold to other buyer.

This type of collaborative initiative helps everyone get a “fresh start” option. 

House Flipping

House flipping involves several stages to get to an end result of profit. The goal is to purchase a revenue generating asset and quickly resell it for profit. The process may involve an initial property inspection, reviewing gthe area comps, making an offer, and once an offer is accepted, closing the deal at a title company.

The second stage involves rehabbing the property or waiting for the right time to re-market it. The cost of rehabbing or upgrading the property plus the initial price of the property should be well below the flip price of the property in order to ensure the right percentage of profit. 

Buy and Hold

Buying an investment property and renting it out for consistent weekly or monthly income. After the property is ready for rental use the next steps involve marketing for potential tenants, vetting allpotential tenants, and having resources in place to handle Maintenance issues. Property Management partners usually come into play here. 

Geographic Service

Nationwide. Though we are based out of the Midwest region of the United States the Elite Investment Realty team services all regions and states within the United States.

We have a pulse on what areas in the US are garnering the highest profit returns on real estate investments as well as where the most cost- effective deals can be made based on all criteria like property prices, viable buyers, stabile closing costs/fees, as well as lending rates. We are here to collaborate and to make deals in all regions of the United States.