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Elite Investment Realty targets and follows a "value investing" strategy of acquiring distressed properties that may not have had the opportunity to realize it's true intrinsic value.

Financial impacts like the global economy as well as the financial stability of the state, county, city, as well as neighborhood in which the property is located will directly affect a property’s ability to thrive.
Researching, analyzing, acquiring, renovating, developing, selling, and managing family, multi-family and commercial properties in high growth markets throughout the country is what the Elite In-vestment Realty staff is trained to do.

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Areas of Specialty

Real Estate

Identifying properties which can be sold for under market value after making agreements with the sellers of those properties and then as-signing the purchase of those properties once sold to other buyer.

House Flipping

House flipping involves several stages to get to an end result of profit. The goal is to purchase a revenue generating asset and quickly resell it for profit.

Buy and Hold

Buying an investment property and renting it out for consistent weekly or monthly income. After the property is ready for rental use the next steps involve marketing for potential tenants.. 

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